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Exciting News Alert! Join us at the forefront of innovation in the E-Mobility sector!

We're thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming 2024 E-Mobility Expo from April 17th to 20th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

eNeural Technologies, Inc. invites you to explore our cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing the automotive industry. Discover ADAS Buddy, your intelligent copilot, offering privacy-focused features and lightning-fast responses.

Don't miss out on experiencing:

    Enhanced Navigation

    Real-Time Traffic Updates

    Voice-Controlled Features

The soul embedded in the ADAS Buddy is a cutting-edge light weight language model that could be customized to any applications that require natural human machine conversion. Please drop by our Booth to experience the fantastic features of ADAS Buddy.

Date: April 17th - 20th, 2024

Location: Booth L1318c 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1

Join us and unlock the future of mobility!

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eNeural Technologies Receives ''Most Leading-Edge Startup'' Award at EE Awards Asia!

We are thrilled to announce that eNeural Technologies has been honored with the ''Most Leading-Edge Startup'' award at the EE Awards Asia, organized by ASPENCORE Taiwan/Asia team in collaboration with EE Times and EDN!
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eNeural Technologies has officially marked its presence in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park on November 28, 2023!

I am happy to share that eNeural Technologies has officially marked its presence in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park on November 28, 2023!

As part of our inaugural celebration, we had the pleasure of hosting esteemed partners and industry leaders who witnessed firsthand the prowess of our cutting-edge technologies. The event featured live demonstrations of our latest innovations, showcasing the breadth and depth of our capabilities.
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峻魁智慧榮幸宣布,獲國科會核准進駐新竹科學園區,將分階段投資2億元,持續深耕邊緣端人工智慧(Edge AI)領域,為市場帶來嶄新的可能。

憑藉團隊獨特的Edge AI設計技術,我們致力於驅動未來創新。在快速變遷的人工智慧環境中,邊緣人工智慧被譽為下一個成長機會,其對AI產業鏈、人才培育和智慧交通等領域產生重要影響。

我們的使命是協助企業實現Edge AI應用的突破。透過優越的軟硬體設計,企業能夠在競爭激烈的市場中脫穎而出,提供更智能、高效的解決方案。從工業自動化到智慧城市、智慧交通及智慧醫療,峻魁智慧都是您可信賴的夥伴。



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LLM商機外溢 AI新創雨露均霑

人工智慧(AI)熱潮因NVIDIA創辦人黃仁勳來台而再創高峰,供應鏈大廠和新創雨露均霑。COMPUTEX 2023展會中可看到AI新創遍地開花;有業者貼合大型語言模型(LLM)的趨勢推出客製化服務,也有業者善用GPU與AI晶片的差別優勢,開發影像辨識相關方案。

峻魁智慧營運長蘇培陞表示,團隊以軟體開發為主,可選擇NVIDIA GPU或其他晶片為客戶設計出最佳方案,例如也使用到芯鼎科技、耐能智慧、安霸(Ambarella)的晶片。他分析,GPU功能強大,但價格和耗能也較高,在邊緣端的運算使用AI晶片較有效益。影像辨識一般會用到卷積神經網路(CNN)或Transformer模型,但目前並非所有晶片都可支援Transformer運算,軟體開發也會受到限制。 More...
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We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our showcase at InnoVEX 2023!

eNeural, a pioneering leader in self-learning AI solutions, had the incredible opportunity to present our revolutionary light-weight AI solution with Driver Monitoring System (DMS). The event was a resounding success, and we are grateful for the overwhelming positive response we received.

During the exhibition, we had the pleasure of meeting companies from various sectors, including aftermarket vendors, security firms, inspection agencies, system integrators, and investment advisors. The potential for future collaborations and partnerships has us truly excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) technology based on camera/radar fusion from eNeural Technologies, Inc. is capable of meeting UN-R151 regulation

eNeural technologies, inc., a company dedicated to improving road safety for heavy vehicles, has developed an innovative blind spot information system called Q-box BSIS.

The system uses AI camera/radar fusion technology to effectively detect the position of bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians next to the vehicle and alert the driver. Q-box BSIS system is able to meet the UN-R151 regulation set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which specifies nine rigorous experimental tests for the detection capability of blind spot information systems for bicycles and motorcycles. In these tests, Q-box BSIS system showed excellent performance, achieving 100% accuracy in each test. Related experimental results are shown in the table.

If you want to learn more about the features and advantages of Q-box BSIS system, please feel free to contact us.
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Self-Learning AI Solution and DMS Interactive Display Showcase at 2023 Autotronics Taipei

We are glad to announce that the showcase at 2023 Autotronics Taipei has successfully concluded!

During the exhibition, we not only showcased our products through dynamic videos, but also designed an interactive display for our Self-learning AI Solution, specifically the Driver Monitoring System (DMS), in order to provide visitors and potential clients with a better understanding of our technology. By using our Self-learning AI in real-life scenarios, we were able to capture their attention and leave a lasting impression.

Check here for the Demo Video at the booth. Over the course of the four-day exhibition, we received visits and inquiries from fleets, aftermarket vendors, industrial production AOI vendors, and Korean chip manufacturers, and we are excited about the potential for future collaborations.

The results of this exhibition have given us more confidence, and we believe that our DMS technology as well as Self-learning AI technology will bring about more business opportunities and market potential.
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eNeural Technologies, Inc. to Exhibit Self-Learning Technology on Driver Monitoring System at 2023 Autotronics Taipei

eNeural Technologies, Inc. (eNeural) is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Autotronics Taipei event, where it will showcase its groundbreaking self-learning technology used in driver monitoring systems. The event will take place from April 12 to April 15 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

eNeural's self-learning AI solutions offer a comprehensive technology for learning methods and processes that continuously improve the accuracy of the model. By applying semi-supervised learning, the technology reduces the labeling and training costs associated with data acquisition. This innovative approach results in more accurate and lightweight inference models running on AI SoCs with 8-bit or smaller integer Neural Processing Units (NPU.)
Watch this video for more information about the Self-learning AI Solution.

"Fatigue driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents, and driving after only sleeping for 4 hours can increase the likelihood of an accident by 10 times," the CTO of eNeural said: "Our mission is to help drivers be safer on the road. We believe that driving should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience, and that Driver Monitoring System can help make that possible."
Watch this video for more information about the Driver Monitoring System.

The company's self-learning technology is particularly effective in the field of driver monitoring systems. At the Autotronics Taipei event, eNeural will exhibit its driver monitoring system, which uses an AI-powered lens near the driver's seat to detect signs of fatigue and alert the driver accordingly. The system can also detect seat-belt usage and driver distraction, improving safety on the road. Attendees can expect to experience a firsthand demonstration of the technology and learn more about eNeural's innovative approach to AI solutions.

With limited open-source labeled rear view images of people and vehicles behind, eNeural's "self-learning AI solution" is perfectly suited to process a large number of unlabeled images recorded daily while driving. This technology improves the accuracy of overtaking warnings, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by driver distraction.

"We're excited to showcase our self-learning technology at Autotronics Taipei and share how our approach can benefit the automotive industry," says from the CTO of eNeural: "By leveraging AI and data, we're confident that we can help make driving safer and more enjoyable for everyone." eNeural invites all attendees to visit their booth, K0010, to learn more about their self-learning AI solutions for driver monitoring systems.
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eNeural announces the Self-Learning Design Methodology in CES 2023

Being an AI SW/HW design service house, eNeural Technologies, Inc. is striving for delivering the best quality of embedded AI models one has to offer. To do so we developed an in-house toolchain to automate the AI process flow from labeling, modeling, training, augmentation, pruning, and quantization. This automated process allows us to produce quality and lightweight inference models running on AI SoCs with 8-bit or smaller integer Neural Processing Units (NPU.) This process is now enhanced with a Self-Learning Design Methodology. It first uses a small number of labeled data to train a baseline target inference model. The toolchain then feeds the model with unlabeled data and quickly converges into a highly accurate one. We have applied this methodology to several user applications and obtained more accurate models in 6 times faster time-to-market.You may find the illustration video on Youtube.

Our CES 2023 trip is successful and fruitful, which attracts more than 15 collaboration chances for projects and co-development products.
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Teams Up with Wistron Intelligent Mobility Solutions for Commercialized Automatic Railway Inspection

Since 2020, Wistron IMS has been working with Team NYCU on the development of railway/road inspection systems, acquiring advanced AI techniques and knowledge. The railway/road inspection system is able to detect road faults via AI and Machine Learning (ML), integrating High Definition Positioning System (HDPS) developed by Wistron IMS. The system provides seamless positioning information and uploads the data of abnormalities and faults to the cloud, resulting in improved maintenance office operations. More...
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Meet Taipei 2022

eNeural Technologies Inc. will attend the 2022 Startup Festival to announce the cutting-edge embedded AI technologies.
More about MeetTaipei...
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NYCU iVSLab/eNeural Technologies Inc. cooperated with Wistron to develop automatic AI enabled railway inspection system and successfully demonstrated its effectiveness and feasibility in field try in Taiwan Railway Company. More...
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eNeural Technologies Inc. teams up with 3drens and Netknk Inc. to go for the Intelligent connected vehicles technologies in North America. More...
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AI Day 2022

eNeural Technologies Inc. is awarded the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) AI+ Start-up Award with the technology of RGB-SD SLAM for self-driving, and demonstrate the technology in AI Day 2022. More...
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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems publishment

The ezQUANT 1.0/iVS-Caffe developed by Prof. Jiun-In Guo (Founder of eNeural technologies Inc./NYCU) has been published in top Journal in neural network learning system, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Vol. 33, Issue 10, pp. 5978-5992, Oct. 2022, (Digital Object Identifier:10.1109 / TNNLS.2021.3072145) with high impact factor 14.255, H-index 221.
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AutoCAS 2022 speech

Prof. Jiun-In Guo (Founder of eNeural technologies Inc./NYCU) has been invited to deliver a speech about “Embedded artificial intelligence technology for ADAS/ADS applications” in IEEE Autonomous Mobility Circuits and Systems Workshop (AutoCAS 2022). More details about this speech can be found in Youtube.
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陽明交大七新創參展 InnoVEX 2022

峻魁智慧專注於嵌入式人工智慧技術開發,打造嵌入式AI設計工具鏈、ADAS/AIOT應用模型及車規嵌入式運算平台, 協助客戶打造方便好用之自動化AI模型開發環境,順利將 AI技術落地於產品開發。
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InnoVEX 2022

iCatch Technology cooperated with eNeural Technology to show V57 OpenMVCam/EVS/DVS solution in the InnoVEX 2022 held in Taipei, Taiwan.